26 November 2008

Tahniah 2

Labuan Kini ingin mengucapkan tahniah untuk pasukan Kriket bawah 12 tahun kita yang telah mengungguli Pertandingan Kriket Peringkat Zon MCA/MILO/MSSM yang berlangsung di Skudai, Johor. Berikut adalah artikel yang dipetik dari Daily Express, hari ini;

Labuan U-12 cricketers crowned national champions

Labuan: The budding cricketers of yesterday, have today become national champions. The Under-12 Boys Cricket Team shocked everyone with an outstanding performance at the MCA/MILO/MSSM Inter-Zone Cricket competition held at Skudai, Johor.

"It surely is breaking news for Labuan sports especially since Labuan cricket had never made a scratch anywhere and had just been promoted not long ago," said a delighted Secretary of the Labuan Cricket Association (LACA) Kuhendran Navaratnam.

He said that the best Labuan had achieved so far was 3rd placing in a fairly important competition.

The Labuan team comprised of Muhd Amirul Ambran, Abdul Hini Jolson, Mohd Alliferdeus Ahmad Kassim and Abdul Razid Salim, all of them attending schools here.

Coach Marzuki Abdullah said the Labuan team combined with four other youngsters from Kuala Lumpur to overcome challenges and bested teams from Penang, Johor, Kelantan, Malacca, Sabah and Sarawak. He said the outstanding players in the matches were Razid and Hini.

In the final, they batted 154 runs in 14 overs against Malacca/Kelantan who managed to knock 108 runs, "Giving us a 46-run victory," Marzuki said.

The team was given a fitting greeting at the airport upon arrival with LACA President Dr Ramli Tahir and others welcoming the team. Ramli said LACA had a 5-year plan to develop cricket in Labuan.

He said that LACA needed nets, enclosures for practices/training, cricket wicket and pitch. Ramli added that LACA would seek help on this from Labuan Corporation MCA.