13 September 2009

Suling Air Laut Selesai Masalah Air Labuan?

Petikan daripada New Sabah Times, 10 September 2009.

Labuan’s water shortage: UMS wants to assist

10th September, 2009

LABUAN: Universiti Malaysia Sabah (UMS) wants to help resolve the water shortage here and will soon conduct a research on sea water filtering system.

Vice-chancellor Prof Datuk Dr Kamaruzaman Ampon said a team of researchers comprising a lecturer and engineering students would carry out the research.

“We want to use this research as our pilot project to turn sea water into clean water,” he said when attending the breaking of fast withUMS students here this week.

He said the university would provide the funding for the research.

According to Dr Kamaruzaman, the system is being used by some countries and as such, it could also be used here.

Meanwhile, he said the UMS campus here has been experiencing water shortage since June.

Labuan water department director Haji Sulaiman Kamisan said although the island received supply from the water treatment plant in Gadong, Beaufort, it is not enough to meet the demand of the 87,000 residents.

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Tanpa Nama berkata...

Sian pelajar-pelajar, dah lama mandi tak basah.
Nanti cukup umur mendaftarlah sebagai pengundi dan jangan lupa mengundi.

Takidum-kidum 1Malaysia.

Chucky Charlie berkata...

how many years does it take for this project to happen? Or maybe until it was forgotten. haha.